lying game twins 'Lying Game' recap: Frenemies with BenefitsNeedless to say, everyone who is privy to Sutton’s return is shocked, befuddled, and totally skeptical about it. Sutton claims Annie Hobbs saved her from her shadowy assailant, which is semi-supported by some motel surveillance footage that Thayer gets his hands on. Nonetheless, this offers the Amateur Sleuthing Society of Arroyo (a.k.a. Emma, Ethan, and Thayer) no answers whatsoever. In the course of a night — a ballet benefit organized by Kristin and Rebeccannie — Sutton snakes her way back into her old life and leaves Emma quite literally out in the cold. For about a million obvious reasons, it’s clear that this won’t be the last we’ve seen of Emma Becker, but it is kind of amazing that no one has even registered the fact that, after an extended period of being a worthwhile citizen and loving friend/daughter/sister, “Sutton” is suddenly a moody bitch again.

Meanwhile, every Rybak besides Thayer is getting flirty with it (poor insufferable Thayer, what’s new?). Mads finds herself drawn to a former ninth grade nemesis named Ryan Halliwell. Alec begins a strategically(?) suggestive relationship with Rebeccannie in which “starting fresh” could mean over-the-hill dry humping. (It could also mean using each other for intel like the manipulative, calculating sneaks they both clearly are. TBD…) When Rebeccannie isn’t scouting out Alec, she’s pressuring Laurel to suddenly reveal her heretofore unknown singing and fiddlin’ talent before a crowd of hundreds of benefit attendees. Wowed by Laurel’s display, Justin decides to put forth his own revelation: Ted killed his mother. Instead of sympathizing with Justin post-confession, Laurel sees only the deception he’s had to maintain up to this point and questions their entire relationship and Justin’s very identity. So, in sum: With Sutton back on her perch, some sort of creepy something-or-other going on between Alec and Rebeccannie, and Justin exposing himself as a vengeful fraud, evil is winning in Phoenix this week.

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