lying game twins 'Lying Game' recap: Gun For A TongueWell, since Sutton never showed up and the laptop’s been stolen, Emma leans on Ethan Whitehorse even more than usual to keep her head above water. Seems there’s a Father-Daughter dance coming up and Sutton is (of course) like this champion ballroom dancer, so Ethan teaches her to dance in a variety of romantic locations as they fall more and more deeply in love.

Of course, sister Laurel figures out they have a secret relationship, and the episode ends with Sutton’s parents finding him hanging around in her bedroom. Knowing the Mercers, they’ll probably just be grateful that Sutton is finally opening up about her love life and give her like twenty hugs, and then kick Laurel in the shins for being a tattletale.

Emma spends the episode delivering sassy smackdowns to everybody’s parents: Char’s abusive mom for yelling at her about being a ballet failure, and Mads’s dad Adrian Pasdar for being a general drunken creep. She also apologizes for punching Nisha once the video of the throwdown goes viral, which calms the waters considerably on that front. Nisha and Sutton have a similar awesomeness, it’s increasingly clear.

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