lying game twins 'Lying Game' recap:  Mental Hell DayIn Phoenix, Emma spends the entire day teetering between allowing the inevitable deluge of truth flood the joint and knowing that it will destroy everything good in her craptastic life. Much of this happens in the hospital, where Eduardo recognizes her and goes into hysterics over something Alec told him. As Mads and Char continue breathing down her neck about Eduardo’s involvement in all this and the still lingering question of this “Emma” character that Ethan’s been seeing, Emma leans more heavily on Thayer for help. This prompt Ethan’s jealousy, which Emma enjoys very much whether she’s willing to admit it or not.

In California, Dr. Hughes has locked up Sutton overnight. Convinced — by the fairly solid proof that Sutton is carrying Emma’s license — Hughes threatens Sutton with drugs and sleazeball orderlies until Sutton relents and lies that she’s Emma. Somewhere along the way, though, Sutton wises up and realizes she can flirt at least one sleazy orderly into letting her out of her room for a field trip to Annie’s room. Once she gets there, though, Annie reveals she was told repeatedly that she killed Emma in the Fillmore fire. Nothing Sutton says will convince her, and Sutton ends up being dragged out of the room kicking and screaming. Dr. Hughes calls a police escort and banishes a handcuffed “Emma” into the night — and back to Las Vegas. Lest you worry about the advances of Emma’s pervy foster brother Travis, he’s found his way to the Mercers’ house to engage in all sorts of blackmail, intimidation, and sexual harassment with Emma.

Also, Laurel decides to go all the way with Justin. She thinks “Sutton” is covering for her, but that part kind of gets lost in the shuffle. As such, a frantic Kristin and Ted engage the tracking software on Laurel’s cell phone and find her spooning with Justin in a sleeping bag amid a candlelit, wine-soaked squatter sex den. As they say, you never forget your first time!

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