lying game twins 'Lying Game' recap: The B**** Is BackOn the day of the twins’ 17th birthday, everyone scurries around Phoenix to prepare for Sutton’s big party. Ethan knows that Sutton is on her way back to Phoenix in search-and-destroy. He tries to convince Emma to run away with him under the basic argument that, “You know your twin is a huge bitch, right? Trust me, I dated her.” Nevertheless, Emma wants to tear down the web of lies she and Sutton created, making things right in hopes she can stick around. Along the way, Derek manages to win back Char, only to be locked up by Alec. Thayer grows suspicious of Alec despite Mads’ protests to keep their family together. Alec uses Dan Whitehorse as a pawn to search for Annie. And Justin makes peace with Ted… for now.

As Emma tries and fails repeatedly to come clean, Sutton arrives in town. She’s really set off when she gets back to her own house and is immediately greeted by a video chat from Ethan begging Emma to run away with him. When Ethan tells “Emma” he loves her, Sutton internally flips out and plans an impromptu rendezvous to expose Ethan and Emma as cheaters and life stealers. Things go about as well as you would imagine, and their meeting ends with Sutton storming out of the cabin and Emma ending her relationship and heading back to Phoenix. After a pep talk from Little Orphan Lexie, Emma changes her mind and returns to the dance to meet up with Ethan to profess her love for him and finally reveal her true identity over a big, flaming cake. She sees a shadow in the distance at the last minute and chickens out. She follows the figure outside, followed by Kristin, who recognizes that it’s Annie. And why didn’t Sutton make it to the party? En route, a shadowy figure (yet another one) popped up in her car, sending her careening off the road and into a potential watery grave.

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