lying game twins 'Lying Game' recap: The Lake EffectAnnie (who now goes by Rebecca) Sewell returns to Phoenix, and she is played by none other than Charisma “Cordelia Chase” Carpenter! One unsettling fact: Rebeccannie is definitely not the lady Sutton met in the loony bin. Learning of her sister’s return, Phyllis gets pissed in both the American and British senses, landing herself in the drunk tank and eventually rehab at Rebeccannie’s behest. Which means Sutton isn’t the only one whose life is being taken over in this town. Considering all the weird comments Ted made at Sutton’s birthday about how much Rebeccannie has changed, something is definitely fishy.

Which leads us back to Sutton, who appeared for at least a little while to be swimming with the fishes. Nope, it turned out. She was magically spirited away from the car after it crashed into the lake. Emma, Ethan, and Thayer spend most of the episode attempting to find her in between bouts of telling Deputy Dan blatantly implausible lies and casting suspicious glances at one another. It comes down to a pissing contest between Thayer and Ethan in which Thayer believes Ethan is behind Sutton’s disappearance (and even claims to have “something on him”), and Ethan believes Thayer is an ineffectual, scheming tool (true). Emma doesn’t know who to believe but ultimately decides the only way they’ll get through this is together. And by continuing the charade, it seems, because at the end of the episode Emma receives an unmarked, beautifully wrapped package containing a strip of Sutton’s dress from the night she went missing a note: “Keep on being Sutton… or you’re next.”

Laurel loses the bracelet Justin gave her. It turns out Ted took it and was planning to return it by episode’s end, but Laurel had already busted into Justin’s love shack and confessed her screw-up. Justin is weirdly quiet about it, only breaking when she admits she told her parents it was his mother’s. He explains that his mom was wearing it the day she died, and they have some obscure conversation that made about as much sense as the rest of this weirdo episode.

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