lying game twins 'Lying Game' recap: Wed or AliveEmma returns home from Coachella bummed to the point of despair over Ethan’s lies and their consequent break-up. While Kristin tries to comfort her (totally unaware that she’s about to be gut-punched with the truth), Sutton takes the opportunity to act embarrassingly minxish with Ethan and rub it in Emma’s face that things didn’t work out. Sutton also insists that Emma be the one to tell Kristin about the locket Rebeccannie keeps with a picture of Ted in it. After Rebeccannie accidentally spills the truth that she in fact did sleep with Ted, Emma somehow feels compelled to do Sutton’s bidding and break Kristin’s heart just that much more.

The whole mess climaxes with a very dramatic display at Alec and Rebeccannie’s rehearsal dinner, Laurel finding out her dad is a cheating bastard and Kristin looking at an old photo book as she tries to put together the puzzle of her lie of a life. Alas, as Alec reveals, she’s missing at least half the pieces because there are still more secrets to be exposed.

Alec hopes none of those secrets will be his, which is basically why he and Rebeccannie decided to get married in the space of three days. As his wife, she won’t have to testify against him — or so the soap opera legal narrative goes. With the nuptials approaching, the teen detectives go into overdrive to find something to pin on Alec. While Kristin has her breakdown at the rehearsal dinner, Ethan and Sutton have broken into the Chamberlin house to go through Rebeccannie’s things. They uncover the very same tire iron-wielding photo that was anonymously sent to Alec to blackmail him on Rebeccannie’s computer. Scandal!

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