lyndsy fonseca nikita season 2 3 cw Lyndsy Fonseca on becoming one of Lifetime's 'Five,' her maturing 'Nikita' alter ego

You don’t have to look hard to find Lyndsy Fonseca on TV. The
24-year-old actress can be seen in Lifetime’s star-studded breast cancer
anthology “Five” (Oct. 10), appears regularly in flash-forwards on “How I Met Your Mother” and currently co-headlines with Maggie Q on the CW’s

During the Oct. 7 episode, “Knightfall,” her rapidly-evolving character goes after one
of her late father’s associates in  — something that seems
to speak a lot to her arc this season.

“I don’t think Alex has been more driven in her life,” Fonseca tells Zap2it. “She’s basically
going to start taking control of herself and doing things her way.”

Fonseca also breaks down how different this second round of “Nikita” has
been and what it was like working with such an intimidating ensemble of
women on “Five”:

How different is it playing for the other team this season?

I actually had a really hard time in the beginning of the season, trying
to get my feet on the ground with this new life of Alex’s. I’m really
starting to feel like I’ve got a bit of a grip on it. It’s just so
different from last year — in a great way. There’s a maturity in Alex
that I’m really excited about.

In the one scene you’ve shared with Maggie Q so far, you took quite a
beating. Have you had the chance to play off of each other much this

Very little, but I saw her last night. We all went to dinner as a cast,
and I said, “How’s your show?” We’re on different shows, but I think
there will be more of our stuff together coming up.

Instead you get to play off Xander Berkeley (Percy), stuck in  box.

It’s amazing. I can’t tell you what it was, but I just did the coolest
little dream sequence with Xander yesterday. I got kind of a taste of
what it’s like for him in there.

This past episode we saw the first bit chemistry between Alex and the
new Oversight agent Sean Pierce (Dillon Casey) — how much can we expect
on that end?

It’s not going to happen over night. It’s a slowly growing relationship.
They’re really different in so many ways, and I think that’s one of the
reasons Alex is so put off by him, but they really connect because
they’re both kind of the outsiders on the show. They don’t really know
where they stand. They want to do the right thing, but it’s complicated.
You can’t always do the right thing. I hope the people watching will
like where his character is going and root for us.

lyndsy fonseca five lifetime Lyndsy Fonseca on becoming one of Lifetime's 'Five,' her maturing 'Nikita' alter egoWhat can you tell us about “Five?”
I’m in the one called Cheyanne, and I play Cheyanne. Penelope Spheeris
directed it. It’s quite an incredible journey that I took on that film.
It was such a short shoot, they’re only 20 minutes long. I just went to
New York for the premiere, and I got to meet all these survivors. It was
a special thing I got to be a part of, and I feel really fortunate.

Did you finally get a chance to meet the rest of the cast at the premiere?

Oh yeah, I didn’t see any of them while filming, but while we were in
New York, Jennifer Aniston, Patricia Clarkson, Demi Moore and Alica Keys
were all there. I’m the biggest fan of Patricia Clarkson. She will blow
your mind in her short. It was really awesome to hang out with them all
that night. Jen is so passionate about raising awareness, having a
dialogue in the home about it and being there for the women who’ve gone
through this. We just had a really great night. I felt like I was

It’s an intimidating group of women.

These powerful, kick-ass women I just admire so much. To get respect from them was kind of amazing.

How did it come about?

I had worked with the casting director before. She had pitched me to Jen’s production, Kristin Hahn.
I read the script and I thought, ‘Are you joking? I’ll absolutely do
it.’ I also really love the fact that Cheyanne is so young and going
through this. A lot of people portrayed going through breast cancer and
getting a double mastectomy are much older. This is a story about a
young girl who’s a stripper and makes her living off of her body and
what that would be like.

You probably get this a lot, but when was the last time you actually filmed on “HIMYM?”

I haven’t been there in probably three years. It’s really weird. I did
part of the first season, but I didn’t even finished the first season.
The boy playing my brother started growing up really fast, and our story
is supposed to be over one day, in the same outfits. We ended up just
spending a long time doing stock footage of me and the brother. They use
old and new clips, but they’ve all been filmed over three years ago.

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