lynx sighting Lynx sighting in Colorado surprises nature enthusiasts

A Canadian Lynx sighting posted to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Facebook page has set the Internet ablaze. The animal is found mostly in Canada and Alaska, so seeing two in the Western slopes of Colorado is an rare occurrence — but one that bodes well for the reintegration of the lynx to the state.

“Retired National Park Service employee Steve Chaney spotted two lynx in southwest Colorado last weekend and managed to capture the rare encounter on camera,” the Facebook caption reads. The image surged to popularity thanks to reddit, where it has been upvoted over 3200 times.

The Lynx went extinct in Colorado in 1970, but in 1997 an effort to reintroduce the animal into the state began. It wasn’t until 2010 that the reintegration was said to have been a success, with at least 141 lynx kittens being born in Colorado. This exciting photo is proof that the effort seems to be working well.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz