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Reality shows. They’re pretty crazy on their own, but what happens if you combine two of those nutty programs into one? That’s what MAD Magazine does in its upcoming issue, bringing the hilarious horror of “Deadliest Chef” and more to life.

There are six mash-ups featured in the full mash-up picture (below), written and illustrated by Maria Scrivan. In addition to “Deadliest Chef” — a show I would totally watch, by the way — we get “Dancing with My Strange Addiction,” “Swamp People & Tiaras,” “The Real Hoarders of Beverly Hills” and “The Biggest Housewives.”

mad magazine reality show mash ups MAD Magazine does reality show mash ups   ExclusiveThe reality show mash-up will appear in the upcoming issue of MAD, no. 522 out on July 24.

Here’s the real question at the heart of these mash-ups: Are they any weirder than the actual shows they parody? When it comes to “Deadliest Chef,” the answer is an unfortunate yes. As far as I know, none of the “Top Chef,” “MasterChef” or “Iron Chef” contestants have used those knife skills for anything other than culinary delight. That’s probably a good thing though.

“Dancing with My Strange Addiction” is a stretch too, although some of the celebrities who have passed through the 15 seasons of “DWTS” aren’t far off. As for “The Real Hoarders of Beverly Hills,” we have to keep in mind that rich people don’t hoard. They collect. It’s totally different (except not)!

The other two mash-ups, alas, are awfully close to the truth as it stands. Many of the families profiled on “Toddlers & Tiaras” would fit in just fine on “Swamp People.” And this nation’s sad obesity epidemic makes “The Biggest Housewives” more of a social commentary than a parody.

But they’re still funny.

In addition to the mash-ups, we have a bonus image to share — the cover art for the July 24 issue of MAD Magazine. Check it out below!

mad magazine 522 water slide cover MAD Magazine does reality show mash ups   ExclusivePrint versions of MAD are available by subscription here.

Posted by:Laurel Brown