episode 13 don megan2 'Mad Men': All of Don Draper's Season 4 hook upsNow that it looks like Don Draper may be settling back into marital bliss for a little while (at least we’re assuming that since he asked his secretary to marry him in the last episode that aired 17 months ago), we thought it might be worth revisiting all of the women Draper — ably played by Jon Hamm — at least locked lips with in Season 4 while he was on the prowl/hitting bottom/slutting it up.

Luckily, Flavorpill put together this handy video mashing together all the footage of Don’s Season 4 ladykilling. It wasn’t just Dr. Faye Miller and Megan Calvet (aka the future Mrs. Draper). Let’s not forget about the extremely eligible Bethany Van Nuys to the Thanksgiving prostitute to the Delta Dawn-ish diner waitress.

Oh, Don.

All of Don’s Ladies from Flavorwire on Vimeo.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson