When we last checked in with “Mad Men,” Neil Armstrong had just walked on the moon and the world was on the cusp of the 1970s. Judging by the fashion on display in the show’s first teaser for Season 7b and the final batch of cast photos, the Me Decade has arrived in all its wide-lapelled and flared glory. 

The teaser is set to Diana Ross’ “Love Hangover” (which was released in 1976, and no, “Mad Men” is probably not jumping that far ahead in time) and employs era-appropriate editing techniques, showcasing the cast at a party that no one looks terribly happy to be at.

See also the plaid jackets and sideburns Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) and Roger (John Slattery) are sporting in the shot below. Pete was already wearing sideburns in the 1969 episodes, but Roger was still keeping things closely cropped, even as he kept experimenting with drugs and spent the night on the floor of his daughter’s hippie commune. Even he’s gone a bit shaggy now.


Don (Jon Hamm) still hews close to his classic look, though he’s wearing brighter colors than usual (it is, after all, a garden party). Don is not likely someone to bend to the times, so it makes sense he’d keep things more muted.


Not so the various women on the show, who are all embracing the trends of the era to one degree or another — especially Megan (Jessica Pare), who looks like she just stepped off the set of “Laugh-In.”


See more photos from the final cast photo shoot below. “Mad Men’s” final episodes begin April 5 on AMC.
Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss
Rich Sommer, Jay R. Ferguson, Aaron Staton, John Slattery and Christina Hendricks
Kiernan Shipka, January Jones, Jessica Pare and Jon Hamm
Kiernan Shipka, January Jones and Christopher Stanley
Vincent Kartheiser and Elisabeth Moss 

Posted by:Rick Porter