newsweek retro mad men 'Mad Men' covers a retro Newsweek: A winning campaignIn case you had any doubts about “Mad Men’s” impact on pop culture, look no further than the cover of the March 26 issue of Newsweek which not only features Don Draper & co. but is itself totally restyled to retro 1965 glory.

(And, no, that isn’t an answer about in which year the new season will be set — it’s instead the year we left off in when the show wrapped up Season 4.)

The issue features an in-depth article about the show and the entire mag is peppered with ads for modern-day companies done in the ’60s style of Sterling Cooper Draper Price.

Eleanor Clift, who actually worked as a writer at Newsweek in the 1960s, penned the cover story and talks about the similarities between herself and “Mad Men’s” Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) — both ambitious women fighting to build a career in a man’s world.

“Women weren’t supposed to be openly ambitious in the ’60s. When I started at Newsweek As a secretary, I was thrilled to be where what I typed was interesting,” she writes.

The far-ranging article serves as a good primer for anyone new to “Mad Men” or viewers who may have forgotten where the story left off. 

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson