obama mad men 'Mad Men' creator finds fan in President Obama, hints about season 4

“Mad Men” creator Matt Weiner got the best kind of fan mail at the end of his series’ third season. President Obama sent him some formal kudos, which now hang in the hallway outside Weiner’s office.

“He wrote to say he enjoyed season 3,” Weiner tells TV Guide. “He was congratulating me on my and the show’s success, and I wanted to say, ‘But wait, you’re the successful person.'”

It’s a shame the president is probably too busy to file timely recaps, because a TV-centric update of the fireside chats would be awesome — and appropriately retro.

Weiner wasn’t just bragging though. While TV Guide had the secretive show-runner pinned down, they also got him to spill some non-spoilery beans on what to expect from the new season, which starts Sunday, July 25. “It might have been impulsive, but making this break from Don made
Betty feel stronger and more powerful than she ever has,” says Weiner.

He was careful to note that the strength doesn’t necessarily imply she’ll finally gain a sense of self: “There’s a feeling on the
writing team, about Betty, that she’s a woman who will learn as little
about herself as possible.”

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credit: Getty Images, AMC

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell