mad men final episodes amc 'Mad Men' final episodes: Get ready for 7 different finales

Jon Hamm has an idea for how to continue the “Mad Men” experience after the series comes to an end in the spring.
“‘Better Call Pete!'” Hamm joked Saturday (Jan. 10) at the winter TV press tour in response to a question about if people ask about a movie or spinoff. In fine comedy form, Hamm also deadpans that he’s “thrilled” the show is ending.
“I’m looking forward to being unemployed. So happy not to see any of these people ever again,” he says. “All of that is really great. Hashtag sarcasm.”
More seriously, Hamm says “There’s no version of this ending that’s not super painful for me, mostly because of these people and this person,” referring to his co-stars and “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner. “They’ve been the single constant in my creative life for the last decade. So that’s kinda tough. Yeah, I will be happy when the shows air and I don’t have to fake that I don’t know how it ends or make up some ridiculous story about robots or zombies. But I will never be able to have this again, and that’s a drag.”
“Mad Men” finished filming in the fall of 2014, and Weiner says he cleared out of his office a few weeks ago. So while their work (aside from some promotion) is done, they’re anticipating the final episodes airing as much as fans of the show are.
“Now that it’s sort of over, it’s such a relief that it’s not over. I’m very excited to unspool this so people can see it,” Weiner says. “… I don’t know about everybody else, but I can’t wait for people to see this. It’s going to be weird to actually get to the point where there’s no more new ones. But the spinoff right now is these last seven episodes, as far as I’m concerned.”
When people do finally see them, Weiner says they might feel as though they’re watching seven different endings.
“It was not intentional, but it kind of worked out this way: The last seven episodes, I would say each one of them feels like the finale of the show,” Weiner says. “… We committed to the story, as we have on the show. … We’ve always committed to the story, and the audience was rewarded for knowing the entire story, but in these last seven, it just organically became a thing where every one of them became the end of the show.”
“Mad Men” returns to AMC on Sunday, April 5.
Posted by:Rick Porter