jon-hamm-jessica-pare-hawaii-S6-mad-men.jpgSurf’s up on “Mad Men”!

Production began this week on the highly anticipated sixth season of AMC’s period drama, with Don Draper (Jon Hamm) vacationing in Hawaii with his beautiful bride Megan (Jessica Par�).

At least it looks like a holiday. In paparazzi photos taken on location Oct. 24, the couple are seen sunbathing in colorful ’60s-era swimsuits, with Mr. Draper puffing on a cigarette while reading “The Inferno.” (Who chooses Dante for their beach reading? Don Draper apparently.) In other photos, Megan sports a vibrant floral cover-up and floppy hat while clutching an Instamatic camera.

And unlike the couple’s first sun-soaked trip together in “Tomorrowland” (“Mad Men’s” fourth-season finale, when Don proposed to his secretary), the Draper kids are nowhere to be found. In fact, one photographer snapped a scene in which Don appears to be the best man at a wedding.

What do you think this beach blanket bingo reveals about the state of the Drapers’ own marriage, which seemed shaky at the end of Season 5?

Posted by:dmoorhouse