mad-men-season-5-larisa-oleynik-pictures-deathOn Sunday’s (April 15) episode of “Mad Men,” Megan (Jessica Par�) couldn’t remember Ken Cosgrove’s wife’s name: Cynthia. And we understand the feeling because something about Cynthia has been nagging at us, too. The same thing goes for the buff dude who swooped in to Pete Campbell’s Drivers Ed class and totally swept his jailbait crush off her feet.

First, though, back to Cynthia Cosgrove. She’s played by Larisa Oleynik who, despite the homely “Mad Men” wig, is the same super-cutie who first hit our radar as the star of the mid-’90s Nickelodeon hit “The Secret World of Alex Mack.” Since then, she’s turned up in everything from “10 Things I Hate About You” (she was Julia Stiles’ perfect little sister) to CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” reboot where she played CIA analyst Jenna Kaye.

About that buff dude: In the show, he was introduced as Jim Hanson (aka “Handsome”), the guy who missed the first couple Drivers Ed classes, but catches up quick enough to fondle a chick’s leg while watching gory car wreck films by the end of the episode. In real life, he’s actor Parker Young, who TV fans may recognize as Jane Levy’s hot-but-dumb (must be his M.O.) neighbor Ryan Shay on ABC’s “Suburgatory.”

Who else? Amanda Bauer guested as the object of Pete Campbell’s night school affection. Her biggest project prior to “Mad Men” appears to be a recurring role on FEARnet’s “The Dark Path Chronicles.”

mad men season 5 eve gordon 'Mad Men': Larisa Oleynik and Parker Young go retro for AMC Also, that madam — Madame Giselle, the vision in yellow who chatted up Don Draper and ultimately comped his drinks? She’s character actress Eve Gordon — who has been in basically every show on TV since 1981. Not really, but you might recognize her from recent arcs on “American Horror Story” as Dr. Hall, “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23” as June’s mom Connie Colburn and “Hart of Dixie” as Jaime King’s nemesis Delia Ann Lee.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson