Pete Campbell is not exactly the easiest guy to warm up to on “Mad Men.” But his character-specific teaser for the show’s new season may be our favorite of the bunch so far.

The Pete teaser — which is exclusive to Zap2it — follows the same template as the previous ones for Don and Roger and the series as a whole: same music, same “[Blank] is back” title cards and (alas) the same adherence to using only footage from past seasons. But the choices of past scenes for Pete (Vincent Kartheiser), and the words used to describe the character, are pretty inspired.

The “is back” words for Pete are entitlement, entertaining, indignation, bitterness and desire, and they’re paired expertly with clips from the show. “Entitlement,” for instance, is followed by Pete lamenting, “Why can’t I get anything good all at once?” Funny stuff, that.

Season 5 of “Mad Men” premieres at 9 p.m. ET Sunday, March 25. Your thoughts on the latest teaser?

Posted by:Rick Porter