mad men s4 christina hendricks 320 'Mad Men' recap: Half The BattleOn “Mad Men”: On the heels of Don opening up to Peggy last week, it makes sense that this week he follows by voicing over a bunch of his innermost thoughts to the audience. First, though, Joey pisses off Joan yet again, and when she calls him into her office to chew him out, he sends it ten horribly disrespectful and inappropriate levels up, which is terrible timing since she’s super upset that her husband is really REALLY about to leave for basic training. The result is that Joan seems to want to get rid of him even though Creative needs him to retool a Mountain Dew campaign, and when he leaves a pornographic drawing of her in plain sight, she essentially tells all the boys that she can’t wait for them to die in Vietnam, causing Peggy to take the drawing in to Don and demand justice. He tells her just to fire Joey, which she does, and as much as I’ll miss Matt Long it was well enough justified. Joan, however, doesn’t appreciate Peggy stepping in to handle something she was already all over, and with her typically acerbic economy of words lets her know how much she thinks Peggy screwed both of them. Sisters aren’t yet quite doing it for themselves, apparently.

Don has finally admitted to himself that he has a drinking problem, which we learn about via a journal he’s keeping, and said revelation also causes him to see his and everyone else’s alcohol consumption in a new light. He’s also taking some exercise at a local pool, which lets him know he has a smoking problem as well, but he’s only interested in working on one issue at a time. He takes Bethany out for dinner, and after she tells him she needs a bit more from him as far as their relationship goes, as luck would have it, Betty and Henry happen upon them while out for some dinner about Henry being involved in an upcoming John Lindsay political campaign, and Bethany seems secretly heartened by the fact that she and Betty are rather similar in physical type. She hasn’t laid eyes on Faye yet, though. Betty, for her part, is rather upset at seeing Don out, which causes a nasty enough fight between her and Henry on the way home while Bethany is blowing Don in the back of a cab. The next day, Betty apologizes, but Henry’s not satisfied, and calls Don for a little dick-measuring contest regarding space in the garage, and no, I’m not making that up, because boys are stupid. Sometime after, Francine (WOO!) shows up, and Betty tells her what happened, prompting Francine to advise her to tread lightly where Don is concerned.

The next day, Don observes Faye yelling at, presumably, her husband on the office pay phone, and later, after they go over some work, he invites her out to dinner, and she accedes to a Saturday date. In the cab afterwards, they make out heavily, but when she suggests she come back to his place, he does the right thing for the first time all season and tells her he’s only going to take her home. He follows this coup up by semi-crashing Baby Gene’s party, and even though Henry is displeased, Betty has made peace with Don being involved with the kids, and a small part of her might even long for the time when the two of them were together. Honey, all we can say is they didn’t get Francine out of mothballs for nothing, you know?

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