mad men s4 jon hamm 320 Mad Men recap: I Hired <i>Who</i>?On “Mad Men”: Wow, this was an incredibly bizarre episode, and I honestly am not sure what to make of it or even how to discuss it, but here goes. A cousin of Jane’s named Danny, better known as Jonathan from “Buffy,” cluelessly and horribly interviews for a position in Creative, but Roger wants Don to hire him anyway so he doesn’t catch any shade at home.

This prompts a flashback to when Roger found Don in that fur shop and picked him up and shook him up and turned him into someone new. Or that’s what Roger would like you to believe, but actually, he was buying a fur for Joan when Don discovered that he worked in an ad agency and doggedly pursued him, only to be met with unflagging disinterest.

Back in the present, Don is up for a Clio for the Glo-Coat commercial; at the pre-ceremony, he and Roger get to watch the drunken stylings of Duck Phillips, who’s apparently gone back on the sauce with extreme prejudice. Don and SCDP win the award, but he and Roger, while not quite as bombed as Duck, have not exactly been pacing themselves, so when new account Life Cereal shows up after initially being delayed due to weather, Pete wisely tries to postpone the meeting but is overruled by the louder, more inebriated members of the party.

Don’s presentation devolves into drunken babbling that includes stealing a concept that Danny had pitched to them, but the kicker is that the Life people love it. Peggy, already fuming from her perception that Don has been taking her for granted, is livid at what she sees as another example of him taking all the credit for other people’s work, not that she’s in a good mood to begin with, since she’s having problems working with the new art director, Stan, a total jerk who talks about how uptight she is and calls her “toots,” which is probably all you need to know. Well, except for the part when the two of them get naked to brainstorm ideas together, and we don’t know how we’re going to explain how this came to pass even in the recap so we’re not even going to try here.

Going back to the awards ceremony, Joan and Pete see Ken with an exec from Bird’s Eye, an account we believe Ken used to manage at the old SC …

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