mad-men-S5-pics.jpgPeggy gets the idea that Abe is going to end their relationship, and goes to Joan in a panic, but Joan suggests he might be planning to propose instead. Peggy’s so thrilled at the prospect that it’s heartbreaking when Abe merely asks to move in with her, but when Joan gives her blessing and calls her brave, Peggy’s happy again, if a little terrified. However, when her mother learns of this news, she tells her in no uncertain terms that Abe is only using her, which may well be true, but the fact that she also tells her to get a cat instead of a man suggests her advice isn’t to be trusted.

Another episode, another meeting with Heinz. The good news is that Megan pitches an idea to Don about the past, present, and future of beans, and it’s actually really great; the bad news is that at what’s supposed to be a casual dinner, Megan gets wind from Mrs. Raymond that Heinz is firing them. So Megan, with some whispered words to Don, gets him to pitch Raymond on her idea right there, which saves the account, and after that, the two of them are closer than ever. On top of that, Peggy isn’t jealous in the least and congratulates Megan, but Megan still seems reserved in her reaction to the success, which you’ll want to bookmark for later.

Don is being honored by the American Cancer Society, and Megan’s parents come for the ceremony. Her anti-capitalist professor father is as casually disapproving of Don as her mother is rather obviously attracted to him and also is JULIA ORMOND. Megan at least is aware that her mother is being demonstrative toward Don in return for her husband’s cavalier attitude toward her, and it’s hard not to feel bad for Megan, given the horror show she comes from. All seems well, especially when Roger and Sally literally declare that they’re on a date, but things go severely pear-shaped: Don finds out from Ken’s father-in-law, RAY WISE as you’ll remember, that clients far and wide no longer trust him because of the stunt he pulled with the tobacco letter; Megan’s father tells her that she’s given up on her dreams, and from Megan’s mixed reaction to her own success, we can see he’s right; and Sally walks in on Roger getting some t�te from Megan’s mom. Unsurprisingly, there’s an unhappy tableau to end the episode, but that unhappiness doesn’t extend to the audience, as this was one of the most amazingly-written episodes in quite some time.

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