mad-men-S5-pics.jpgIt’s kind of amazing how little plot there was in this episode, considering how much of a turning point it felt like. Pete is back on the train with that douche Howard, who tells Pete he’s got a great new thing going in the city. Later, Howard’s wife RORY GILMORE corners Pete, and you wouldn’t think Pete’s awful driving would be an aphrodisiac, but soon, they’re going at it. Pete uses Howard’s desperation to buy life insurance in an effort to get an invitation to Howard’s home, and although that doesn’t go particularly well, Pete does get a declaration of love from Rory in the form of a heart drawn on a steamed-up car window. Transitory, yet romantic.

Megan gets out of working late by telling Peggy she has to meet Don, but when that gets exposed as a lie, we learn that Megan’s auditioning again, and she confesses something to Peggy that’s hardly news to us, which is that she hates being in the position of being Don’s favored wife. Peggy has little sympathy at first, but when she witnesses Don and Megan doing a sickening role-playing bit for Cool Whip, you expect her to soften, and indeed, when Megan quits, Peggy has her back. Peggy then stands in for her on Cool Whip, and she and Don fail absolutely spectacularly, leading to an a serious knock-down drag-out between the two of them. In the denouement, Don and Roger express their jealousy at Megan’s ability to follow her dream, but Don at least realizes that he has to let her pursue it. But when he ends up going to bed before she comes home, you wonder how long he’s going to humor her dreams. It’s kind of terrific how Megan has become the focal point of the season, and even more so that it’s completely working.

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