mad-men-S5-pics.jpgPeggy gets pissed when Roger offers Ginsberg an under-the-table deal similar to the one he gave her on Mohawk a while back, accusing Roger of disloyalty and this stuff. But it’s the account itself that causes all the problems: Manischewitz is going gentile-inclusive, and so Roger needs all the Hebraic backup he can get. Especially, you know, given how he’s a huge racist. Armed with Ginsberg’s ideas and with his Jewish former trophy wife on his arm, he charms the client and presumably makes the sale.

But somewhere between the client’s incredibly hot son putting blatant moves on Judy, and the fact that she’s enjoying having her own apartment free of memories of their marriage, Roger makes the command decision at the end of the night to sleep with her again, tarnishing her new blank slate life with yet more silver fox-****ing. In the morning, when she explains this, it’s LSD Roger who acknowledges that she’s right about all of it, and apologizes, but it’s still a queasy little moment.

Speaking of queasy, if you were wondering whether Betty is still an *******, let me assure you that she still is a royal *******.

So Sally’s got a Family Tree project due, and asks both her moms for help on it. While Megan delights in giving Sally everything she can — up to and including giving her “crying on cue” lessons, because what Sally needs is lessons from Megan on being even crazier than she already is — it’s a jealous Betty that tries to trip up the new Drapers by dropping hints about Anna, framed in such a way that Sally feels betrayed by Don and Megan both for keeping secrets.

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