don-draper-S5.jpgBack to work, after the birthday party, means a lot less shamed faces than you might expect. In fact, that only thing that really bites anybody in the ass is that Megan is now pissed at Peggy — for undercutting her while her stoned ass was bitching Don out — and at Don — for whining way past the point of no return once everybody had left.

Megan, still busily — and hilariously — freezing out Don whenever she can, overhears Harry talking about ****ing her in the breakroom, which she finds less hilarious than does Stan Rizzo, who loves a good awkward moment more than anything besides tight Polo shirts. So Harry spends the episode paranoid that she, or God forbid Don, are going to come down on him. Since they’re not talking, and Megan could basically give a ****, all this paranoia does is propel him into the scheming arms of one Roger Sterling.

Seems that Pete’s had it up to here with Roger’s grandfathered-in seniority, and wants some recognition. Being Pete Campbell, he goes about this the dumbest way: Demanding Roger’s office and practically explaining explicitly to the partners that it’s because he wants to emasculate Roger. Roger buys Harry’s office from him for the switch once the other partners suggest Pete could use the space, but then Pete has the last laugh: He plants a fake appointment in his calendar, so that Roger ends up trying to scoop him on an imaginary breakfast meeting at 6 AM in Staten Island. I always enjoy having a reason to be impressed with that kid; they come around so rarely.

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