mad-men-S5-pics.jpgMan, the way this show can surprise you and still make total sense will never get old. You see, Paul Kinsey has become a devotee of Krishna, shaved head and all, and he’s trying to convert Harry to his cause. It only takes a hot girl named Lakshmi to get Harry interested, but there’s something deeper going on – turns out Paul is in love with her and wants to build a life with her, but not as a Krishna devotee. Even better than the Krishna thing is that he’s written a Star Trek spec script and wants Harry to pass it on to NBC for him, and Harry reluctantly agrees to read it. When he finds it’s terrible, he goes to Peggy for advice on how to let him down, and I have to say, his concern for Paul’s sensitivities, ridiculous though they may be, is one of the best things I’ve seen from Harry in some time. However, even at his best Harry is still horrible, so when Lakshmi shows up to the office and points her ass in Harry’s general direction, Harry doesn’t hesitate to get on that, which makes it hilarious when afterward, she cynically tells him she only touched Harry to get him to stay away from Paul. Harry, however, goes with another option – giving Paul five hundred bucks to go to LA without Lakshmi, become a scriptwriter, and never come back, which is simultaneously the nicest and meanest thing anyone could do to anyone, ever.

Lane, it appears, is in far worse financial difficulties than we thought – in fact, he has to come up with the pound sterling equivalent of eight grand to avoid going to prison thanks to his failure to pay taxes to the Crown since he moved to the States. He chooses to add fraud and forgery to his list of crimes in hatching a scheme to get his hands on some SCDP money in the form of a Christmas bonus, but by the end, even though he hasn’t been caught yet, it feels like a matter of time, so we can push him up to the top of the list of people who might be jumping off a building by season’s end.

Jaguar is back interested in SCDP, thanks to Edwin Baker having spectacularly flamed out of his position, but SCDP is only one of a handful of car-less agencies in town, so they’re going to need a kick-ass presentation. Meanwhile, Joan gets served with divorce papers, and after she takes her rage at Greg out on the bimbo receptionist Meredith, Don drags her out of the office to have the one-on-one time we’ve been waiting for all season. They take out a Jaguar on loan and go for drinks, and Joan confesses that her mother raised her to be admired, which is why the way Greg’s treated her makes her feel especially small. Don, however, fondly recalls how he felt intimidated by Joan when he first arrived, and assures her that she’ll find someone better. Then when Joan sees an attractive man making eyes at her, Don plays the good wingman and beats a retreat, but between another rocky patch with Megan and the way he makes love to the Jaguar in secret, you wonder if part of him didn’t want to get with the only person in the agency with the mystique to match his own. In the end, Don gives the company a huge pep talk about how they’re going to win the Jaguar account, leaving everyone feeling warm and fuzzy about SCDP. Can’t wait to see how that one is going to go to ****.

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