mad-men-peggy-olsen-elisabeth-moss-407-at-the-codfish-ball-amcOn Sunday’s (April 29) episode of “Mad Men,” it would appear that Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss) is in for a romantic dinner. At least that’s what we can extrapolate from this exclusive picture (above) from the upcoming episode, “At the Codfish Ball.”

In it, Peggy appears to be regarding her plate skeptically — we would too if said dinner contained codfish. But, knowing Peggy, she’s probably just staring at that plate while the well-oiled gears in her head spin, plotting her next move — be it an impromptu visit to a movie theater for a little hand-holding (hers only) with a stranger or a scathing rant aimed at a bloated bean company executive.

Where is she eating and who is her dinner partner? Speculate in the comments section below.

But first, a little more about this episode’s title: “At the Codfish Ball.” No, it wasn’t thought up by Roger Sterling in the midst of an acid trip; it was originally the featured song in the 1936 Shirley Temple movie “Captain January.”

Temple plays (yet again) a foundling rescued from the sea by a lighthouse keeper, but then is faced with separation from the kindly old sea salt by an officious truant officer. In the end it turns out that Temple is (yet again) really a wealthy little girl and her family swoops in to set everyone up on a swank yacht.

What this means for “Mad Men” we don’t know, but (yet again) that’s where you come in. Theorize below.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson