mad-men-509-jessica-pare-dark-shadows-megan-draperOn Sunday’s (May 13) episode of “Mad Men,” Megan Draper (Jessica Par�) is again totally rocking some vintage duds. This time, the wanna-be actress (What? We mean Megan, not Jessica!) proves that paisley can look totally cool. In this Zap2it exclusive picture, Megan pairs her pattern with a brown velveteen bodice.

In the previous episode, Megan finally spread her wings and flew away from Sterling Cooper Draper Price to try to make her way as an actress. She’s got Don’s support, but will she hold his attention now that she’s not with him 24/7?

In the meantime, “Don becomes competitive, Roger seeks new business and Sally faces a challenge,” explains AMC in a tease for the upcoming episode.

Umm, wait — Don’s not competitive already?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson