jessica pare jon hamm mad men episodic 325 tnt 'Mad Men' Season 6: Jon Hamm makes Jessica Pare 'better'Jessica Pare gets constant reminders of her fortune in working with Jon Hamm on “Mad Men.”

‘It’s pretty much one reaction — ‘You’re so lucky!’ — and that’s definitely the truth,” the actress muses to Zap2it as she continues making Season 6 of the much-acclaimed AMC drama series that returns Sunday, April 7.

Not only is Pare doing plentiful acting with Hamm in playing wife Megan to his 1960s advertising man Don Draper, she was directed by him in an early episode of the new season (as she also was last year). “I love working with Jon, period,” she says. “He’s super-generous and so talented, he just makes me better. And I think I can speak for most people in saying that.

“He’s really funny and really interested. He obviously knows everybody on the crew, since it’s been six seasons now, and that sort of camaraderie is really important to the feeling on the whole set. That’s certainly the case when you’re the director, plus he’s an actor … so for me, it’s simple. There’s never any feeling he’s questioning my confidence or capabilities. It’s an easy thing.”

The story was somewhat different for Pare when she filmed what became one of 2012’s most memorable TV scenes: Megan’s sensuous song-and-dance routine to the tune “Zou Bisou Bisou” in the Season 5 “Mad Men” opener. If Pare is associated with it forever more, “I’ll be lucky,” she reasons.

“I did it probably 50 to 60 times the day we shot it, and certainly, no one take was ‘amazing.’ I got comfortable around Take 30, then by Take 50, I was very conscious that everybody else was probably super-bored with it — so I got uncomfortable again.”

Others on “Mad Men” were quite familiar with “Zou Bisou Bisou” by the time Pare had to gyrate to it on camera. “Before I had even heard it, people in the production office were humming it,” she recalls. “Of course, after we shot the scene, everybody else had heard it however many times. And they were singing it for about two weeks.

“It really does get stuck in your head,” Pare notes, “and hats off to Matt (series creator and executive producer Matthew Weiner) for choosing a song that would be so catchy.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin