mad men rolling stone 'Mad Men' stars glam it up for Rolling StoneIf you needed any more evidence that the cast of “Mad Men” is rather easy on the eyes, we submit to you the cover of the latest Rolling Stone magazine.

They may not be naked and covered in fake blood, but the stars of AMC’s Emmy winner — Jon Hamm is flanked by Elisabeth Moss, January Jones and Christina Hendricks — look plenty hot nonetheless. As you can see, they’re decked out in (more or less) period-appropriate clothing, and the women are showing more than a little bit of cleavage.

The magazine’s timing is impeccable — “Mad Men” just won its third consecutive Emmy for best drama series.

]]>Matthew Weiner hired them. Had Hamm been a leading man prior to being cast as Don Draper? No — but he’d worked steadily for the better part of a decade in shows ranging from “Gilmore Girls” to “The Unit” and appeared in several movies. Ditto for Moss (“The West Wing,” “Invasion,” “Girl, Interrupted”) and Hendricks (“Kevin Hill,” “Firefly,” “Beggars and Choosers”). Jones wasn’t exactly a nobody either, having appeared in “Anger Management,” “Full Frontal” and “We Are Marshall,” among others. We sure as heck won’t quibble with the idea that “Mad Men” has been a revelatory role for all of them — and, it bears repeating, that cover photo is hot. (The magazine’s behind-the-scenes gallery is awfully nice too.) “Mad Men” is midway through its fourth season on AMC and continues on Sunday (Sept. 5) What do you think of the cover? Follow Zap2it and Zap2itRick on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Photo credit: Rolling Stone

Posted by:Rick Porter