is in production, which means the cone of silence has gone up around all things Sterling Cooper. Spoilers will be exceedingly difficult to come by between now and the show's premiere in August.

That extends even to promos for the new season. AMC unveiled the first teaser for the new season during the finale of "Breaking Bad" a few weeks ago, and there are four new spots up now. Each focuses on a different aspect of the show — comedy, drama, romance and action.

Alas, there's no new footage in any of them. But the network's promo staff has done a pretty good job of remixing moments from the past and highlighting the show's various facets. Take a look at the "Romance" spot:

The "Drama" and "Comedy" promos are strong as well, and if "Action" feels like a bit of a stretch, it at least gives us a chance to see Betty Draper (January Jones) shooting at birds again.

The premiere of "Mad Men" rolls around in just under seven weeks, on Sunday, Aug. 16.


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Posted by:Rick Porter