Following the release of the Don Draper- and Roger Sterling-focused teasers for “Mad Men” over the weekend, AMC has released another Season 5 promo that has a lot in common with the first two.

There’s the same propulsive guitar music, a repeated shot of Don (Jon Hamm) wearing sunglasses and lighting a cigarette and a series of title cards telling us style, debauchery, deception, adultery and jealousy are all back. And also, in the spoiler-phobic regime of creator Matthew Weiner, pretty much no concrete information about the coming season.

As with the other two teasers, the footage used in this one is all from previous seasons. So while it’s great to see Don and Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) morosely drinking at a bar and to watch Peggy and Joan (Christina Hendricks) commiserate over a cigarette, we were hoping for even an out-of-context glimpse of something from the new season.

That’s not to say, however, that the promos don’t do their job. Because it’s been so long since “Mad Men” last aired a new episode, we’re pretty psyched to see even recycled footage if it points us to the new season, which premieres March 25. We’ll hold out hope (but not hold our breath) to see something new between now and then. 

Posted by:Rick Porter