Jonhamm_madmenThat headline, by the way, is no mere kiss-off. It’s the central question posed by Bert Cooper in Thursday’s Mad Men, the penultimate episode of the season — and one of the best hours of TV I’ve seen recently.

Alas, the rest of my work schedule has kept me from discussing the show immediately in recent weeks, but there’s so much to talk about with this one: How Dick Whitman became Don Draper, Pete’s attempts to blackmail Don with the information, the election-night party at the office, Paul’s one-act play, the brilliant direction by Alan Taylor.

In the interest of time, I’d rather not spend a lot of words recapping and just turn the discussion over to you. I’d also direct you to some fine analysis at Time and my colleague Alan Sepinwall’s blog. Both posts cover the episode in detail (with hefty spoilers, so careful if you haven’t watched yet).

Then come on back and share your thoughts, which, if they’re anything like mine, are in the "blown away" category.

Posted by:Rick Porter