january jones pink hair 'Mad Men's' January Jones rocks new pink hair streaksBetty Draper probably wouldn’t approve of real-life alter-ego January Jones’ latest fashion statement: pink streaks in her pristine platinum blond hair.

As the PR machine for Season 5 of Jones’ show “Mad Men” kicks into high gear, the actress turned up at a Tuesday (March 13) Paley Fest event in Los Angeles to promote the show looking as glam as ever, but sporting the decidedly anti-Betty streaks of rebellion.

During the panel, Jones also mused about the love that isn’t lost for her character, the daughter-slapping ice queen Betty Draper Harris.

“People actually run away from me in the street now,” said the actress and new mom. “They’re worried about me being a mother.”

Son Xander is five months old.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson