jessica pare gi 'Mad Men's Jessica Par�: 'Zou Bisou Bisou' more intimidating than kissing Jon HammJessica Par�, who plays Megan Calvet — aka the new Mrs. Don Draper — on AMC’s “Mad Men” had two huge scenes to film for Sunday’s (March 25) Season 5 opener. In one, she sings a super-sexytime serenade to Don in front of all of his office mates. In the other, she gets busy doing some housework while wearing just a black bra and panties and then totally gets down with Don on the living room floor.

Both scenes were jaw-droppers, but which was more intimidating for Par� to film?

“Both were intimidating for different reasons. I was excited and felt equipped for the challenge, but you don’t want to mess it up,” Pare tells Zap2it.

“I think that you would probably guessing that I was more nervous about the song and dance scene and you would be right — the singing and dancing is not necessarily stuff that’s in my wheelhouse. It’s not something I felt could immediately dazzle people with.”

Though, says Par�, she worked with a choreographer for three six-hour days to get Megan’s routine down pat.

“The other scene was difficult in a different way,” says the French Canadian actress who joined the show in Season 4. “It’s an interesting power dynamic that happens between them in that scene. The important thing for me was that I didn’t want her to be laughable even though the scene was funny in some places.”

And did playing John Slattery’s (“Mad Men’s” Roger Sterling) on-screen daughter on The WB’s “Jack & Bobby” (back in 2004-2005) help her land the gig?

“I haven’t spoken to Matt [Weiner] about whether that was a big part of his decision,” she says. “But it made me more comfortable to be in a room with John Slattery.”

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Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson