jon-hamm-taxi-rap-reggie-bush-comedy-bang-bang-mad-menIf there’s anything that can tempt us to watch as web-based TV show, it’s Jon Hamm. So, happy coincidence: Reggie Watts just so happens to feature the “Mad Men” star singing (?) about ’70s sitcom “Taxi” in a new promo for IFC’s talk show “Comedy Bang! Bang!” Well, actually it’s a promo for the companion web series, “Reggie Makes Music.”

“Comedy Bang! Bang!,” hosted by Scott Aukerman, is a talk show but before his often illustrious guests (Hamm, Amy Poehler, Adam Scott, Zach Galifianakis) can make it to the couch, they have to sing with Reggie.

When Jon Hamm stopped by, he riffed on “Taxi” (yep, Tony Danza included) for two minutes in a spoken word masterpiece. What is absolutely incredible is that Hamm really knows the show. We’re thinking he spent a lot of his pre-fame downtime watching TV. Or, “Taxi” specifically.

Below, some lines from Hamm’s “Taxi” ode. But out of context, they really don’t resonate. So make sure to watch the clip.

“Our hero, a taxi driver, lives in an outer-borough. Show’s up at the taxi garage. Louie’s there. Bobby’s there. Elaine. There.”

“Hilarity abounds at the Taxi garage. Ut oh, who showed up? Reverend Jim. ‘Okey doke’ — that’s Reverend Jim. He came along in later seasons. Lot of people said they jumped the shark. I thought the show got better.”

“Mad Men” fans also take note: The cast, along with show creator Matthew Weiner, will be the guests on Monday’s (May 14) “Inside the Actors’ Studio.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson