kiernan shipka paley gi 'Mad Men's' Kiernan Shipka loves 'The Hunger Games,' collars“Mad Men” star Kiernan Shipka may get to wear swanky retro clothes on screen as Jon Hamm’s TV daughter Sally Draper, but the 12-year-old actress is a budding fashionista in her own right.

On Tuesday (March 13) at the show’s Paley Fest panel, Shipka showed up wearing a gorgeous age-appropriate Oscar de la Renta floral dress and kitten heels and, as fans of the show, there’s no one who rocks a crinoline better than Shipka.

Still, she tells Zap2it, in real life she’s completely obsessed with one particular article of clothing.

“My style’s always changing, but I love collars as you can see,” says Shipka who is in fact wearing an adorable enough short-sleeved collared sweater during the interview.

“Collars are my absolute favorite under dresses. I’ve even bought some detachable collars to add to some things because I’m that obsessed with them. Any sweater or dress that I can add a collar to I’m up for that. They’re really cute and just really preppy — especially when you mix it with contemporary.”

Shipka also said that one movie she can’t wait to see is the upcoming teen-centric “The Hunger Games.”

“I’m really excited to see what [director] Gary Ross does with ‘The Hunger Games’,” she says of the movie about a dystopian future where teens battle gladiator style and wear really cool clothes. “I mean, of course it’d be an amazing project to be involved with and I can’t wait to go see it.”

Since the movie is just the first of a trilogy, Shipka still has time to lobby for a part in the second or third movie. And since she’s already been slapped on screen by TV mom January Jones, we know she has what it takes to do stunt work.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson