ben feldman madmen 503 'Mad Men's' new guy: Michael Ginsberg (aka Ben Feldman) gets the gigSterling Cooper Draper Pryce’s newest employee (and “Mad Men’s” newest cast addition) made his debut on Sunday (April 1) evening’s show.

“I want to make a good impression, I thought you could help me out,” says Michael Ginsberg (Ben Feldman) to Peggy (Elisabeth Moss). His listing poet Allen Ginsberg as a reference just because he figured it was worth a shot and assuming she was a secretary didn’t help one bit.

“I’m the person you need to impress right now,” says Peggy. And, truth be told, Michael has a lot in common with his new senior copywriter.

He’s young and from an outer borough (we’re guessing Brooklyn) and — like Peggy did when she started at Sterling Cooper, he still lives at home; or, in a postage stamp-sized apartment with his father (who suggests they order up two prostitutes — one young and one old — by way of celebrating his new job).

“A Jew makes the agency more modern,” says Roger Sterling. And although Michael doesn’t strike us as the devout type, it definitely hearkens back to Peggy’s extremely Catholic mom.

When Peggy tells him he’s got the job, Michael says two interesting things to her:

1. “I”m sorry, my stomach rumbles sometimes and it sounds like the F word.”

2. “I want to pick you up and spin you around, but I don’t want everyone to think that’s how I got the job. Be proud of me, I need it. Nobody in the world cares I got the job but you.”

We get the feeling Peggy is proud and that he may get that chance to spin her around at some point.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson