MadonnaMadonna and New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez were spotted having a cozy dinner at an alcove table at Dos Caminos in New York on Tuesday.

I’m sure it was perfectly innocent.

"They seemed very close," a source told about the dinner.

Oh, well, maybe not then.

But the New York Post has some differing intel: It reports that A-Rod  broke bread with Madge and two male friends. "Madonna entered through the front door half an hour after A-Rod arrived and had her security guards check the exits before she sat down at a quiet corner table," said one source. "Madonna had the men laughing with her stories. When the meal was over, they left by separate exits."

Hmmm. Sounds a bit too furtive to be completely innocent.

Rodriguez and his wife Cynthia Rodriguez quietly settled their divorce in September.

Rodriguez was reportedly smitten with Madonna six months before the sex scandal broke.

"He [said] he was in love her," a friend of A-Rod told Us Weekly.

By February, A-Rod had upped the ante. "He said, ‘She’s my … soulmate, dude,’" the friend said.


Photo: Madonna spotted in New York on Oct. 1. Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead