Remember when Madonna not only had her thumb on the pulse of what was hot, but she actually set the trends herself? Well, long gone are the days of “Vogue.” 
The aging pop star, who seems increasingly desperate to remain relevant — even if it means attaching her name to the back of a younger icon (Lady Gaga, anyone?) — has sunk to a new low. Since her nipple and buttocks baring antics on the “MDNA” world tour haven’t gotten her the spotlight she so craves, Madge invited someone who is getting attention — Korean rapper Psy — to perform with her at New York’s Madison Square Garden.
That’s right, folks. The purported Queen of Pop did “Gangnam Style.” Now that every other celebrity on earth and your mom have done the horsey dance, Madonna jumped on the bandwagon, performing a mashup of the viral hit and her track, “Give It To Me.”
The only way Madonna could have looked less ahead of the game is if she tweeted a photo of herself planking backstage.
What do you think? Does Madonna look desperate, or is she just giving another artist a platform to “Express Yourself?”
Posted by:mchance