Not everyone was a fan of Madonna taking over Drake’s Coachella performance by making out with the rapper on stage, but the pop star couldn’t care less.

Following Madonna’s surprise appearance at the music festival on Sunday (April 12) where she strutted on stage during Drake’s performance of “Madonna” — how fitting — and aggressively kissed him while he was seated in a chair, some Twitter users expressed their distaste for the smooch.

However, Madonna has something to say to her haters: “If you don’t like me and still watch everything I do … B****, you’re a fan.”

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And she has a point. Drake might not have enjoyed elements of the kiss — TMZ reports the rapper wasn’t a fan of Madonna’s lipstick — and fans might have thought it was tacky, but who cares? Madonna sure doesn’t.
She did something surprising and unexpected on stage, and now people are talking about it. In her eyes, it’s a win.
Posted by:Casey Rackham