madonna lourdes leon daughter gi Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon thinks her dad is too strict

The arch enemy of any teenage girl looking to spend some time with a new boyfriend is a parent with strict rules. Not even Lourdes Leon, the child of pop icon Madonna, is safe from an overprotective parent.
It seems her dad, Madonna’s ex Carlos Leon, is keeping a close eye on his daughter, Radar Online reports. According to a source, “Carlos is the watchful dad who’s laid down some very stern ground rules for his precious daughter.” This is reportedly very different from the past, when Madonna was parent setting the rules, in regard to school and manners. However, the source says, “She’s actually loosened the reigns because she trusts Lourdes so much.”
As Lourdes has matured, Madonna has become more lenient with the teenager, who is rumored to be dating “Homeland” star Timothee Chalamet. Now, Madonna is enjoying being the fun parent. “She secretly gets a kick out of it when Lourdes complains to her about the curfew her dad’s imposed and all the embarrassing questions he asks her and Timothee,” the source reveals.
Carlos doesn’t mean to keep his daughter from Timothee, but “he’s old school and he thinks putting a little fear into the boy dating your daughter is a good thing,” the source says. As if dating the daughter of Madonna wasn’t intimidating enough.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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