madonna rome butt Madonna's latest shocker: Did Madge moon fans in Rome?On Thursday (June 7), Madonna bared her right breast to concertgoers in Instanbul Turkey. Now the 53-year-old Material Girl has  followed that up by kinda-sorta mooning the audience at her MDNA tour stop in Rome.

Before her Super Bowl halftime show appearance, Madonna went on record about wardrobe malfunctions. “You don’t have to show nipples to be interesting,” she said. But since she’s the mistress of reinvention, it’s hardly a surprise that Madge has reversed herself on that position. Her actions (which speak louder than words, right?) lead to that conclusion, at least, since she’s now flashing taboo body parts all over Europe during performances on her MDNA tour.

On Tuesday (June 12), as Madonna’s Rome concert unfolded, word that she’d bared her butt from stage in Rome started hitting Twitter. But, at least based on photos hitting the social networking site so far, all Madge did was drop trou and reveal a backside well-covered by a bikini bottom and fishnet stockings.

Days before her scheduled appearance, the singer’s official tour Twitter handle shared this message: “Madonna has hinted to La Repubblica she has a ‘surprise’ in store for Rome…whatever it is, we hope it drives the pope nuts! :)”

So far the Pope, who wasn’t in the audience, has failed to comment, though “Madonna is fearless” (she’s got the words “No Fear” printed on her back) did briefly trend worldwide.

For every fan who labeled Madge fearless, though, there was another who criticized her for the move:

“Oh no, not again Madonna. Stop ruining your good name, I mean you’re a legend but this is just uncalled for,” tweeted one.

“Madonna. You’re a mother. Jezos,” adds another.

And the hits keep on coming:

“#ThingsLessDisgustingThanMadonnasAss Madonna’s arms.”


“I’m no great Gaga fan but I like the way she conducts herself. Madonna (25 years her junior) could learn a lot from her.”

This one, though, puts the whole intentional wardrobe malfunction debate in perspective:

“Madonna Is Fearless is trending. So, if Twitter was around in 2004, Janet Jackson Is Fearless would trend too?”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson