madonna halftime super bowl Madonna's Super Bowl halftime: What did you think?For halftime at Super Bowl XLVI, Madonna took to the stage. You know, we saw an interesting tidbit tweeted out prior to halftime – “Since the wardrobe malfunction, the avg age of the Super Bowl halftime performer has been 54.8 years old. Madonna is 53.4.” – Darren Rovell. We aren’t sure if that’s true, but it sounds about right. And the only young act they’ve had was the friggin’ Black Eyed Peas. Though I guess it could be worse right – Bieber?

Anyway. Madonna kicked off her medley with a gladiator-themed “Vogue” spectacle, followed by “Music” featuring some awesome backup dancers. Then LMFAO joined the party and there was lots of skipping. And then a weird diversion where Madonna appeared to be showing off her yoga moves.

And then the new song, “Give Me All Your Luvin,” took center stage with some majorettes and pom poms. Are we alone in kind of hating this song? We’re pretty sure we haven’t liked Madonna since the early 90s, which probably just makes us old.

We will say – Nicki Minaj was awesome, as per usual.

Then Cee Lo as a drum major joins this giant fustercluck of nonsense for “Express Yourself” and “Like a Prayer.” We’ll post video just as soon as we have it.

Here are some of our favorite Twitter gems about the performance:

“This is the weirdest episode of “Glee” I’ve ever seen. #SuperBowl.” – Robert Philpot

“Madonna’s pretty proud of herself about those cartwheels. I guess I would be at 73 too. #SuperBowl” – Andrea Reiher

“How is Gordon Lightfoot going to top this at next year’s halftime show? #Superbowl” – Patton Oswalt

Honest question: Why didn’t the four “Voice” judges just do the halftime show as a group? #SuperBowl” – Daniel Fienberg

“That Chevy apocalypse isn’t looking so bad right now, is it?” – Eddie Mac

“Madonna fan or not, I feel awkward watching this. Don’t know that I get Gladiators & Pom Poms…” – Rachael Ray

“Slash is gonna pop out of Madonna’s vagina for a guitar solo.” – Ashley Burns

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