Don’t shoot Madonna.

She didn’t make these handgun high heels. Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld did and he calls them "Miami Vice."

MadonnagunBut Madonna did wear Chanel sharp-shooters to this week’s premiere of her new film, "Filth and Wisdom," in New York.

Kinda funny that she’s so down on Gov. Sarah Palin — avid hunter and gun owner — but she wears shoes that look like guns.

Is there no publicity stunt so low that Madonna will not stoop right to it?

Madge is already getting reamed by a UK victims’ group for wearing the trendsetting gun shoes.

Lynn Costello, from Mothers Against Murder And Aggression, said in a statement released this week:

“I am horrified that Madonna can see these shoes as fashion. As a mother herself I would have thought that she would have paused for a second and thought about all the young people here and in her own country that have died because of gun crime. She should have thought about all the young people that have died because of gun crime. We need the whole of society to take responsibility and action in stopping the glamorization of weapons. Celebrities have a massive part to play and an icon like Madonna should have more sense. It’s uncaring. Surely she reads the news and realizes that young people are dying every day.”

In her defense, Madonna joked at the event that her shoes weren’t loaded.

What do you think? Should Madonna be ashamed of herself? And will Sarah Palin order a pair?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead