maggie q nikita upfronts getty Maggie Q talks 'Nikita' Season 3 and her No Kill LA initiative to save pets from untimely death“Nikita” fans, rest easy — though it was on shaky ground for a moment there, the show was picked up for a full Season 3. The second season ended with a few shocking twists last week, but at least we can all look forward to watching it on Fridays at 9 p.m. starting this October. Phew!

“I got a missed call from the head of the studio,” Maggie Q tells us, “and I thought, that’s either, ‘Oh, you’re not coming back,’ or ‘Congratulations.’ I called him up, and he answered and he just started laughing, and I went ‘Oh, I guess it’s good.’ We got picked up for 22 [episodes], which I did not genuinely expect at all. If we were coming back I thought we’d get maybe half a season.”

The cast will go back to work on Season 3 in July, but in the meantime, Maggie isn’t exactly twiddling her thumbs. A longtime supporter of Best Friends Animal Society, Maggie has added her voice to their No Kill LA initiative in an effort to make Los Angeles a no-kill city when it comes to animal shelters. What that means is that healthy animals and animals with treatable conditions won’t be put to sleep just because they’re having a tough time finding homes.

“First of all, Best Friends Animal Society is one of the greatest, if not the greatest rescue organization in the United States if not the world, and when they started 30 years ago, it was so incredible, to be able to create something so big and non-kill,” Maggie tells us. Now, the society has directed their efforts toward Los Angeles.

“LA is a perfect target. If we can change laws in LA to make it a non-kill city and stop bringing puppy mill dogs in and get these pet stores shut down, we’re going to eliminate the street dog and cat population.”

Her confidence in the movement is contagious. “We can do this. This is the easy stuff. There’s global warming and all the other things that are happening that are hard,” she tells us. “This we can do. If people would just stop buying animals — purchasing a life is so weird to me. I’m not going to buy you to be my friend. To me, that’s so weird, and we’ve accepted it as something normal.”

Los Angeles is an excellent place to start. “If No Kill LA happens in Los Angeles, it’s such a trend setting city, it could happen spread all over the United States, and that’s our goal.”

If you want to help Maggie and Best Friends Animal Society spread awareness and raise funs, there are a ton of ways to participate. If you can’t donate, joining the cause can be as simple as sharing your ideas for instigating change, or spreading the word by signal-boosting on social media. You can volunteer your time or grab one of these cool t-shirts.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie