channing tatum matt bomer magic mike wb 'Magic Mike' the musical? For the love of Channing Tatum, make it soWhile there are still a few days until the Most Important Film of Our Time hits theaters — “Magic Mike” opens Friday, June 29 (as if you haven’t been counting down the days too) — it’s not too late to consider what life will be like after the greatest male stripper movie ever made comes out.

Thankfully, life post-“Magic Mike” could be just as exciting now that it’s being developed into a Broadway musical. Reid Carolin, who produced the movie with Channing Tatum and wrote the screenplay, tells USA Today that he’s got Broadway dreams.

“We are working on it as a Broadway show, which would be a different story — more of a romp, more of a fun night out at a club with a story,” Carolin says. “I’m almost more excited about that than the movie because I think it’s the perfect thing for women to go see on Broadway, to be participants in the show.”

While obviously the movie’s stars like Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello have other things going on in their careers than moving their stripper movie to the Great White Way, Pettyfer says he’d be interested. “I think we should all do the opening night,” he says.

Would you see a “Magic Mike” musical? Actually, that’s a silly question. Let’s try this: How many times would you see a “Magic Mike” musical?

Posted by:Jean Bentley