channing tatum magic mike shirtless 'Magic Mike's' Channing Tatum is a male stripping advocateGracing the big screen for the fourth time this year, Channing Tatum returns to the box office in “Magic Mike,” a movie loosely based on his past life as a stripper, directed by Steven Soderbergh. Says the actor quite bluntly, the job ain’t so bad.
“I’m not really sure what everybody’s image of male stripping is, but I hope it updates it,” Tatum tells Zap2It at the film’s Los Angeles premiere on Sunday (June 24). “I hope it reinvigorates it because I think it’s a dying thing and it’s fun. Women should have a place to go and be uninhibited for two hours and just go crazy.”
The actor worked the less-than-glamorous gig before he made it to Hollywood, soon after getting scouted by a modeling company. While he says the movie, which costars Matthew McConaughey and Joe Manganiello, is primarily fictional, it draws on Tatum’s past experiences working the flashy odd job, and he appears to look back on those early years fondly. 
Plus, it hasn’t been all glory days since, though he admits he’s had a particularly strong run recently.
“I promise you, if you look through my IMDB page, you can totally tell that everything I touch does not turn to gold — let’s go back and look at all [my films]. But I’ve been very lucky this year,” he remarks when asked about success. “You know, you work just as hard on every single one of them as the last one, and you don’t know which ones are going to work or whatever. You just cross your fingers, and you work as hard selling them as doing them.”
“Magic Mike” opens in theaters on Friday (June 29).
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