pacar-tortorella-makeitorbreakit-320.jpgNow that you’ve seen the season premiere of “Make It or Break It” and had a chance to compare one Pizza Guy against the other, we’re wondering if you still want Emily to end up with your first pick. Perhaps you’ve changed your mind? Or maybe you’re more confident in your decision than ever before.

Let’s review a few of your thoughts…

Damon for sure!!!!!!!! 🙂 –Kat

they are both cute, but i vote for damon. he is the one that has been my emily’s side since the begining. –jen

ditto, Damon has ALWAYS been there for Emily….so I don’t think he’s
gonna leave for that long……………I love johhny pacar soooooooo
much more moreeee who agrees? –Charlotte

what would I did if I were Emily???? Choose Damon, of course –kayla

Razor doesn’t hold a candle to Damon!!!! –Kelly

I am Team Damon too…although Razor does have his charms. He DID see
her first, right? Gah, I’d be really confused if I were Emily too! –Marina0717

TEAM RAZOR for sure! –carolynn

OMG I LOVE RAZOR!! besides damons a backstabber, he totally went behind
his best friends back when razor specifically told him not too. i hope
some love stirs up between razor and emily –nadia

I root for Emily and Razor. They have cute chemistry. I hope they get back together.-KLE

After seeing the premiere I’m confused but I think I want Razor because
he’s really cute and funny, but Damon is more manly and could take care
of her so I guess I vote for both of them? Can she have both? –P

Yes, let’s have Em “Big Love” it up with them both. Clearly that’s the best solution to this troubling dilemma. Problem solved?

Probably not.

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Photo credit: ABC Family

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh