make it or break it s2 320 'Make It or Break It': Eye on France and ... romance?The Rock Rebels are back, and now that they’re done schooling the Chinese, they have their eyes on the prize in France. Ooh, la la!

On Monday’s (June 28) second season premiere of “Make It or Break It,” the girls have to hold off on their “parlez vous” though since it’s the U.S. Gymnastics National Committee that’s picking who gets to go to France. You know, the committee whose orders they defied by competing against China. Uh oh.

We have faith though that at least one of the girls — Kaylie, Emily or Lauren — will get chosen. Payson is back too and determined to be France-bound, but really, can she bounce back that fast from such a severe injury?

And then there’s the drama. Even if both Kaylie and Lauren go, there’s still the issue of Carter and who he finally picked at the end of last season. Anyone still shocked about that?

Anyway, it’s great to see the girls again, and here’s a look at the actors discussing which of them is the most and least similar to their on-screen alter egos:

Which character are you the most/least like? Psyched that “MIBI” is back?

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Photo credit: ABC Family

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen