abel loren make it or break it 320 'Make It or Break It': You Ask, I Answer on Emily and Damon, Kaylie and Carter and Payson's career“Make It or Break It”‘s spring finale is here and this Monday (Mar. 8), The Rock’s finest will compete against the Chinese national team. Or will they?

What’s going to happen with Kaylie and Carter now that she knows he’s been living with Lauren? -Genna
Kaylie will disappear, still missing just moments before the meet with the Chinese is supposed to get started. I don’t know, if you were her, would you show up? 
Is Kaylie going to compete with the Chinese this week? -mary
At the end of the day, these girls are champions. Kaylie’s come a long way this year, I don’t think she’ll disappoint.
Any scoop on the “Make It or Break It” finale coming up? I look forward to that show every Monday. -Melanie
Look forward to the return of Ms. Kelly Parker (Nicole Gale Anderson) who shows up at the meet to cheer… for the Chinese of course.
“Make It or Break It” is a great family show that I watch with my daughters, but I’m interested in the adult relationships too. I think those couples are a lot of fun. Curious what’s going to happen between Summer and Sasha. -JK
Summer will actually share a moment with Steve (her ex, Lauren’s dad) this week… though Emily’s mom Chloe will be a part of it too. Awkward? Yep!
Are Emily and Damon really over? -Jenny S.
Damon’s got a big moment coming up. It’s a moment that will definitely get Emily’s attention and could certainly change things. Too bad he’s going on tour with Green Day, right?
Any “Make It or Break It” info? Specifically on Payson? Glad she competing again. -Kari
Well, she’s not exactly competing. She’s now training though, which is certainly progress. Still, things could change at any time. And perhaps they will.  
Watch “Make It or Break It”‘s spring finale Monday night at 9 p.m. on ABC Family
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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh