and KTV is celebrating with a quick Q&A…

Any “Make It or Break It” scoop on Payson? -Jen
It seems P may veer off the straight and narrow before Nationals when one of the male gymnasts tells her to start taking “energy” pills to keep her stamina up.

Great Lauren/Candace Cameron scenes on last week’s “Make It or Break It”! What’s coming up? -NZ33
Candace Cameron‘s character will suggest inviting Lauren’s mom to Nationals, which ends in more disappointment for L when her mom doesn’t show.

At Nationals do you

think all the girls will be there? -Sara
From what I understand, the season’s last episode — number 10 — will take place at Nationals, and yes, all four girls will be there… but one of ’em will be carried off the floor in a stretcher after sustaining a serious injury…

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